Modular Farms Australia Survey

Calling all vertical farmers or those aspiring to be one; we want to hear from you! Because we are constantly in ‘research and development’ mode, your feedback is invaluable. Let us know your vertical farming approach and how you anticipate using a modular farm so we can best cater to your needs. To help us map the future of farming together, please answer our short survey below – built with our farmers point of view front of mind.

MFA Survey 2018

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Whether you’re already a Modular Farmer, or thinking about becoming one, tell us: which is your ideal terrain to operate a farm?
What’s your ideal or current use for a Modular Farm?
Are you considering the operation of a Modular Farm for an educational or charitable institution?
Which factor is most critical to the decision-making process when shopping for a container farm?
Which additional module would be most valuable to your current or potential operation?
What would you like to see in the next iteration of a Primary Module?
How did you find out about Modular Farms & Modular Farms Australia?
Would you consider off-grid farming valuable or necessary to your current or potential operation?
Have you had any interaction with perspective customers, discussing local market needs and wants
regarding locally sourced produce?
What resources would you like to see in helping provide relevant information needed to start vertical farming?