Grower’s Guide: cool off with peppermint this summer!

Grower’s Guide: cool off with peppermint this summer!


Ah, refreshing peppermint. From candy to tea, from sweet to savory, this micro herb has a distinct versatility like no other. With ideal daytime temperatures ranging from 21-27 degrees Celsius, and 15-20 degrees Celsius at night, the warm weather we enjoy in Brisbane is particularly favorable to this mighty herb.

Remember, your cultivars enjoy being among friends so make sure your peppermint is placed alongside cultivars that thrive in the same environment. With that, you’ll need to ensure electrical conductivity (EC) ranges from a high of 2.4 to a low of 1.8 and relative humidity (RH) ranges from 50% to 80%. From seedling to table, you’re looking at only 6-7 weeks of total turnaround time: the first 3-4 will take your seeds into gestation, then you can transplant your sweet little sprout into the towers. Standby for only 3 more weeks before your first harvest then, voila! You’ll have over 12 weeks of payoff wherein you can cut and use this mighty herb again and again…and again!

Great ways to use this herb is to sprinkle chopped leaves onto lamb shank, steep them in hot water or garnish them over your favorite homemade sorbet (we recommend raspberry). Any way you choose to cut it, give your taste buds a treat this summer (and your foodie friends a run for their money) with peppermint! This cultivar is mint for you.

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