Enter Your Own ‘Digitized’ Modular Farm: The Modular Farm App!

Enter Your Own ‘Digitized’ Modular Farm: The Modular Farm App!



As a farmer, you may have grappled with the underlying tension between efficiency and accuracy, simplicity and diligence. Here at Modular Farms, we recognize and value these binary needs. That’s why we aim to bridge them. We present the Modular Farm app, where you can enter a ‘digitized’ representation of your own farm and control its features remotely. Each farm already includes a modem; all you need do is connect to an internet provider.

If you’ve found yourself asking the following FAQs, you’re not alone. We want you to integrate the Modular Farms experience with as much ease as possible. Let’s grow!

1. Why should I use the Modular Farm app? What are its key features?

The Modular Farm app allows you to operate the entire farm, effectively and efficiently – in real time. Think ‘Farmagotchi’. For one, you can set up applicable rules and parameters. This will ensure the farm’s functionality, even when you are not present. The app also features alerts or notifications. In other words, if there are any emergent issues, or when a target has been met, you will receive an informative message.

2. How can I observe my farm if I’m not present?

Ah, modern technology! The Modular Farms app is compatible with Nest Cameras, allowing you to view the entire farm from your phone.

3. How heavily can I rely on the app for my Modular Farm’s operations? Is in-person monitoring and maintenance still necessary?

Although this Modular Farm app is a reliable tool, we still stress the importance of inspecting and reviewing the farm daily and in-person. It is essential to look out for signs of disease or insects, which may appear from time to time, and need to be properly managed. Remember that not everything is visible via the sensors and cameras. Just think of it as a dual partnership, between you and the app; both ensure the farm’s upkeep and well-being.

4. Can I only access the app on a smart device, or is it also available on a computer? Do these platforms offer the same features?

A smartphone device and/or computer will do just fine. These platforms allow our farmers to monitor daily functions and adjust settings, when necessary. On the computer dashboard, users can also graph and download historical data from all farm sensors.

5. Are there any limitations I might not be considering?

We’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news… the Modular Farms app won’t be able to control your coffee machine. But we’re sure there’s an app for that.

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