Grower’s Guide: Red Frill Mustard – the new lady in red!


Red Frill Mustard


We’re currently growing this leafy green, standing out among other mustard greens with its unique scarlet hue and serrated oak-leaf shape. This month we’re letting you in on how to introduce this lady in red to your farm!

We’ve been growing this species from seed to table as a micro-green in only 21 days or fully grown in only 40 days! Ideally, we keep the farm at 22° C and 5.6-7.5 pH for optimal growth, as well as RH at less than 60% to keep these little sprouts happy.

If you like your greens with a peppery punch, Red Frill Mustard does the trick! Known as ‘Ruby Streaks’ and ‘Scarlet Frill’, this plant packs anti-cancer properties and antioxidants with its mild spicy taste – not to mention the amazing source of vitamins, fibre, calcium and iron. Red Frill Mustard is a great add-on to a variety of dishes from switching up your salad routine with its distinct spicy bite to garnishing fish and meat as a beautiful accent colour.


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