Feeling parched – See how Modular Farms is growing in Queensland

Feeling parched – See how Modular Farms is growing in Queensland


The Australian Bureau of Meteorology is reporting we experienced the driest July since 2002. Although we’re still waiting on August’s weather report, it is easy to tell the land is thirsty. There are significant rainfall deficiencies affecting the bulk of our agricultural regions. Towns like Longreach and Dalby are experiencing 7 and 16-month timeframes without rainfall and Modular Farms doesn’t want to get used to this. Unfortunately, this drought is not a one-off. We want to help farmers find a solution to manage changing weather conditions while supporting the supply chain and communities. If you’re looking to make farming vertical, here are the ways our modules help grow fresh produce here in Queensland.

Modular Farms’ front-runner is the Primary Module, offering the ultimate high-volume container farm producing industry-leading harvest yields. This module deals with the whole water issue by using less than 40lt of water a day and supplementing with up to 190 litres of transpired or evaporated water from the air via our dehumidification process. All our modules are customizable with automation tools and next-level climate control settings allowing farmers to simulate any growing environment for any cultivars.

Modular farmers don’t need to compromise on what they’re growing and can diversify from kale to basil to raspberries. Our Vestibule Module is an add-on unit allowing farmers to walk from one module to another without altering the controlled temperature in each. This means the driest towns like Mount Isa to the north, with hot, semi-arid conditions, can enjoy different varieties of local produce from one farm or customize your own set-up by taking advantage of the modularity of our farms.

Our Macro Module, like all our farms, grows plants using LED lighting, specifically designed to promote maximum plant growth. What makes this module so unique is its super-charged growing capability powered by 300 ZipGrow towers, all packed into the same footprint as the Primary Module.

Modular Farms has taken the time to consider how supplementing a lagging food supply food chain must also be resilient to variable weather conditions. This is why every unit boasts a sealed, truly controlled environment, meaning external climate influences are much less likely to negatively affect a farms’ growing capabilities. Our farms are made from durable, resilient components help inspire confidence in farmers who have been compromised by Australia’s inadequate rainfall.

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