Grower’s Guide: Genovese Basil and Kobolt Kale


For May’s Growers Guide, we are looking at how to effectively grow Genovese Basil and Kobolt Kale in a Modular Farm! See how vertically growing these plants differ from growing them traditionally in soil. Get details on their interesting features and expected harvests below!

Genovese Basil
If you want to get fancy in the kitchen, try cooking with this fine Italian heirloom herb called Genovese Basil. This heat-loving plant has large, shiny, almond-shaped leaves, requiring good drainage and ample moisture during hot weather. It takes approximately 8-12 weeks for it to go from seedling to table, depending on the size of the harvest and typically yields between 250-350g per 8-foot Modular Farm tower. Genovese Basil’s flower development attracts a variety of pollinating insects and those flowers may be harvested for use in high-end dishes.

Kobolt Kale
Whether you eat it in a salad, bake it in the oven, or add it in your morning smoothie, the kale craze is in full force. Modular Farms is growing a unique variety called Kobolt Kale which features thick, curly, blue- green leaves, yielding 250-300g per 8-foot tower. This species of kale can be harvested as a microgreen, baby greens (seedlings), mature leaves/leaflets or fully-grown plants. The variety makes an excellent salad when the leaves are chopped finely and massaged or baked in culinary dishes.

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