Nowhere to grow but up: Modular Farms Australia launches vertical farming technology in Brisbane


Exciting news! We’re thrilled to announce the official launch of Modular Farms Australia. Director James & Prue Pateras is bringing Modular Farms’ state-of-the-art farming systems, designed for scalability and maximum Return on Investment, outside the frosty borders of Canada, to the Oceanic region. These Australia-specific Modules improve upon first-generation shipping container farm technology by designing and engineering an entirely unique unit. Modular Farms Australia utilizes industry leading hydroponic growing technologies for lasting and positive impacts where growing food is challenging.

See what the turnkey farming system can grow at our pop-up at Eat Street Northshore Friday, March 23, 2018 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. The local contingent of vendors will have their pick of fresh produce as living proof, showcasing how the game-changing vertical farming technology works. Visitors are invited to tour the grounds and speak with James about sustainable farming practices

Brisbane is home for James and Prue and, from the headquarters stationed there, Modular Farms Australia will be supplying built-in-Brisbane Modular Farms to its homeland farmers. Opposite to Canada’s cold farming off-months, Australia benefits from vertical farming in dry summer weather. The team decided to lead the venture to connect those still recovering from drought experienced in the early 2000s. The modules use 95 per cent less water than traditional farming without compromising crop yield and are monitored for optimal growing conditions. The innovative farming units are a viable way to tackle global food shortages and climate change. Read more about Modular Farms Co. here.

Origin Story: Deep Roots

James grew up in Brisbane on a family farm. While he temporarily led a banking career he’s always wanted to get back to his roots, literally, this time combining his technological fascination with his green thumb. He believes “farming practices used over the past 100 years are unsustainable for the next 100 years. Reducing food waste, increasing food security, and eliminating supply chain logistics to cut food miles are what we aim to do with Modular Farms technology.”

Counter to other container farming options, Modular Farms units are designed and engineered with scalable, purpose-built components made to outlast and outperform competitors. Modular Farm units have a close-loop hydroponic system and are fully sealed for complete climate control, reducing energy consumption by 50 per cent.

All modules are fully functional and feature purpose built two-sided LED lighting built from decades of research and testing. Module Farms Australia offers both Primary and Vestibule modules with the Macro Module in the works.

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